What part of racist don’t you get?

I don’t give a hanging chad what you think of Secretary Clinton, vote for her or don’t, it’s your decision.

As for Donald Trump, he disqualified himself to be our president back in 2011 when he launched his campaign on the back of the birther movement. The birther conspiracy theory is, to me, a pernicious racist movement whose transparent message couldn’t have been more obvious than if they had burned a cross on the Whitehouse lawn. This is what Donald Trump used as his platform to start his presidential run, and it’s where any decent person should have stopped listening to him. I am amazed that his racism did not stop him from getting the republican nomination; that this was glossed over and allowed to fade into the background like it was some insignificant slip-up. No, it is racism. As much as I am concerned about Donald Trump becoming president I am more distressed by the fact that a large segment of Americans believe that this is okay. This is and will be the residue of what we as a society will need to address after this election is over. Maybe we need to thank Donald Trump for showing us how bad it is. Yes, I know, beyond this, Donald Trump continues to share more reasons why he is unqualified and unfit to lead this country, but this was when I believe we should have stopped him.

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